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Welcome to the Spirituality of Strength Training! The purpose of this show is to guide the conversation to the intersection between mind, body, and spirit and the importance of healing all three together as one. You will hear topics from the strength training, spiritual practices, to mediation, mindfulness, soul awakening, healthy lifestyle, yoga, and the science of healing psychically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Jun 23, 2019

Join Angela as she shares her story of what brought her to become an Ayurvedic yogi practitioner.


Lean the three types of Dosha: Pitta, Kapha, and Vatta. 

Take the quiz to learn more of your personal Dosha


As you listen to Angela explains these three types of Doshas, you will gain body wisdom and knowledge to be more attuned with your health.  By understanding the elements of each one, Pitta, Kapha, and Vatta, you will be given the tools to know how to improve your health to the exact needs of your individual body.


Not only will you learn about your own personal Dosha type but you learn . . .

  • How nature plays a role onto your health with each changing season
  • How digestive and food plays a role into your dosha
  • How to not become overwhelmed with creativity
  • How to keep an open mind about learning dosha

On a personal note, Angela shares a story of letting go her yoga studio in Seattle, WA. Through this story she shares her different types of Dosha, stubbornness, and never giving on dreams.

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