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Welcome to the Spirituality of Strength Training! The purpose of this show is to guide the conversation to the intersection between mind, body, and spirit and the importance of healing all three together as one. You will hear topics from the strength training, spiritual practices, to mediation, mindfulness, soul awakening, healthy lifestyle, yoga, and the science of healing psychically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Feb 10, 2019

Everyone has privilege. It is how we use privilege to create change? - Chrissy King 


Dive in with Chrissy King on some of these important topics regarding the health of our nation

  • From motivated to become skinny to become strong 
  • Time, Persistency, Consistency, Patiences the four things to put into practice for any skill throughout life
  • How fitness is still white washed and what is needed to create  change
  • The intersection of social, political, and economy on the health of African Americans
  • Understanding Self-Worth within being vs the amount you can lifting or perform
  • We are worthing simply through our existence
  • Balance of health for black liberations
  • Biblical roles within white supremacy the good and bad
  • Sitting with the discomfort within our thoughts to discover Self-Worth
  • The importance of working through childhood stories and past trauma


BOOKS: White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo, 13th Netflix, The New Jim Crow 


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