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Welcome to the Spirituality of Strength Training! The purpose of this show is to guide the conversation to the intersection between mind, body, and spirit and the importance of healing all three together as one. You will hear topics from the strength training, spiritual practices, to mediation, mindfulness, soul awakening, healthy lifestyle, yoga, and the science of healing psychically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Oct 21, 2018


Reita Johnston shares her journey of self-love through this practice of Forgiveness as she paid off a ton of debt and set herself to live from a place of Freedom. 


This transformed her to become a Life Coach, a Reiki Healer and has studied at the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute. She guides her clients to this same freedom she has given herself with the act of forgiveness. 


During this Episode, Reita Johnston shares her wisdom and experiences of Forgiveness.  You will learn the . . . . 


  • The layers of forgiveness, self, other, and for the things we may not know 
  • How to create safety within the body and environment to be able to invite forgiveness
  • How forgiveness can break generational trauma
  • Most common places forgiveness lives within the body 
  • How to take baby steps within the forgiveness practice 
  • How to not force forgiveness but flow with it 
  • Speaking your truth about trauma and forgiving self
  • How to teach the next generation to give forgiveness 


Other things you will lean from Reita is these two key things of healing within forgiveness. 


"When you Feel you Heal"

"With this Trauma work, You can never go to slow with healing with forgiveness but you can go to fast." 


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Anna Willard invites you to this type of practice with a FitnessForgiveness Challenge Oct 21-28th.  


During this Challenge you will receive: 


  • Daily emails with insightful steps towards the flow of forgiveness
  • How to videos on self massage with yoga therapy balls opening you your body and releasing the tension 
  • Body Weight yoga-ish movements to help strength these new found open positions through your body 
  • A Private Facebook Group  for a safe community to voice how we are creating love through forgiveness within our bodies
  • All you need is an open heart, a willing spirit and a peaceful mind. The only equipment you will need is some type of self-massage either a yoga tune up ball or a lacrosse ball or tennis ball. 
  • See you Oct 21-28th!!! Till then enjoy more Episode on this topic of Forgiveness 


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