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Welcome to the Spirituality of Strength Training! The purpose of this show is to guide the conversation to the intersection between mind, body, and spirit and the importance of healing all three together as one. You will hear topics from the strength training, spiritual practices, to mediation, mindfulness, soul awakening, healthy lifestyle, yoga, and the science of healing psychically, mentally, and spiritually. 

May 4, 2020

Listen in as Anna Willard shares how to mourn the Past, Present and Future during these times of COVID-19. 

She also shares the importance of how to mourn well by living a life with passion.  The root word for passion is to endure well, to suffer well.  As times of change sparks an aspect of mourning, Anna shares how to...

Feb 24, 2020

The psoas, (the muscle of the soul in Eastern Medicine) is the most intimately connected muscle to our nervous system.  ~ Drew Ragan


In this episode you will learn the interconnection between our mind and body and how this one muscle plays a big role with this connection.


  • How strength training can be used a...

Feb 17, 2020


Celebrate this Divine unfolding with Me.


Breathe here with Me.


Revel in the witnessing,

As I lead the way.


Let go the striving

and efforting.


Janine Miller-DeLany, MA, LPCC-S

Author/Spiritual Guidance/Clinical Counselor

Owner of Upper Sandusky Counseling & Life Coaching


In this episode you will learn from...

Feb 9, 2020

Trauma brings transformation. It is a choice how it will change you. It can destroy you, or it can create strength to love and live in the midst of hope.


Liz Mullinar the CEO at Heal for life Foundation shares her wisdom and experience as a healer and psychologist.

She is an internationally renowned speaker and has...

Jan 27, 2020

Listen to this short solo episode as Anna’s is in complete flow with her thoughts giving you insight and wisdom to this new year and new decade.  Here are three simple things she talks about to help you accomplish things beyond your wildest adventures. 


  1. Be Present  - easier said than done but being present...